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Events across 16 European countries dedicated to the referendum in Ireland

COPENHAGEN 30/5/2008
Press Release:

Events across 16 European countries dedicated to the referendum in Ireland

12 Danish organizations congratulates the Irish people in front of the Irish embassy, Østbanegade, 21 in Copenhagen today from 3 PM to 4 PM

Ireland is the only member state to grant its citizens a vote on the so-called Lisbon Treaty (the Reform Treaty). The referendum is to be held on 12th June and is a stimulus for organisations all across Europe to point out the democratic shortcomings of the ratification process of the treaty in every other member state.

Under the slogan “Congratulations Ireland”, 12 Danish organisations congratulate the Irish people on their say in front of the Irish embassy in Copenhagen. The 12 Danish organizations represent many different views on the EU – for instance there are supporters of EU as well as organizations against EU and there are organizations from all sides of the political spectrum.

“We congratulate you on having a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, as that proves that your democracy is stronger than ours” says the spokesman of Social Democratic Network Europe Nicolas E. Fischer.

The 12 organizations will through the Irish ambassador Joe Hayes hand over a letter to the Irish people. In the letter the organizations congratulate Ireland and states:

“The entire process of carrying through the EU Constitution and the Lisbon Treaty has been characterized by heavy manipulation. You too are experiencing measures taken by the EU system aiming at limiting the objectivity of the debate in Ireland. One instance is the instructions within the EU system to avoid sensitive questions that will be influenced by the Lisbon Treaty.

You also experience threats as to what will happen if your referendum should result in a no to the Lisbon Treaty. But those are empty threats. You are entitled to decide for yourselves, and the rest of the EU must respect your choice and make common cause with you, regardless of the outcome.”

The English version of the letter is attached.

For more information please contact:

Nicolas E. Fischer, Social Democratic Network Europe: +45 23 22 44 82, fischer(at)zetnet(dot)dk

Lave K. Broch, EU-critical Network of Social liberals: +45 28 92 21 27, lave(at)radikaleukritik(dot)dk

Peter Westermann, Challenge Europe: +45 21 94 16 09, peterwestermann(at)gmail(dot)com

Kenneth Haar, ATTAC: +45 23 60 06 31, kenneth(at)attac(dot)dk

Freagraí: 3

  1. Right exactly. The people of the various European Nations are having their sovereignty stolen from them by political hacks intent on accumulating power.
    The Irish have much to lose. Bertie Ahern left office to allow a new government to try again, and now they may lose. Let’s hope enough of the Irish have sense to stop this.

  2. I second these danish organisations. Please vote No. I can’t, I don’t live in a democracy (=German). You are our last hope to reject this fatal treaty. Bear up, I trust in you…


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