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※ Welcome to the Lisbon Treaty News Service

Effective today, this blog will now track latest important Lisbon Treaty news.


You can still follow the broad-based service of the National Platform EU Research and Information Centre (NP-EURIC) at:

Aon Fhreagra Amháin

  1. Lisbon Treaty Allows for Death Penalty Across E.U.

    PJC Journal – April 13, 2008

    Professor Schachtschneider pointed out that it [the European Union reform treaty, a.k.a. the Lisbon Treaty] also reintroduces the death penalty in Europe, which I think is very important, in light of the fact that, especially Italy was trying to abandon the death penalty through the United Nations, forever.

    And this is not in the treaty, but in a footnote, because with the European Union reform treaty, we accept also the European Union Charter, which says that there is no death penalty, and then it also has a footnote, which says, “except in the case of war, riots, upheaval” – then the death penalty is possible.

    Schachtschneider points to the fact that this is an outrage, because they put it in a footnote of a footnote, and you have to read it, really like a super-expert to find out!

    Summer of Rage Could Be Lethal
    UK Libertarian Party – March 9, 2009

    on 20th Feb 2008 a caucus meeting was held at the German Parliament in Munich to discuss the Lisbon Treaty. At this meeting a previously unmentioned paragraph was brought to light by Professor Schachtschneider, Humanities Faculty -University of Nuremberg. Professor Schachtschneider explained that the undisclosed paragraph means on ratification of the Lisbon Treaty the DEATH PENALTY will be reintroduced to Europe. The Death Penalty will be applicable for the crimes of RIOTING, CIVIL UPHEAVAL and DURING WAR. (When are we not at war and who will define riot and upheaval?)Professor Schachtschneider made the point that this clause is particularly outrageous as it had been cleverly hidden in aotnote of a footnote and would not have been detected by anyone other than an exceptional expert reader.


    Sourced: http://blog.tv2.dk/santagohome/
    Last updated 17/04/2009


    Disturbance: a strong or sudden change in political, social, or living conditions

    Disruption: the interruption or suspension of usual activity or progress

    Turmoil: a disruptive event that causes confusion, commotion, or disturbance

    Disorder: criminal law a public disturbance or breach of the peace

    Confusion: misunderstanding of a situation or the facts

    Commotion: a scene of noisy confusion or activity

    Mayhem: absolute chaos or severe disruption


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