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Labour-oriented Brexiteers vs. Constitutional Revolution

Further evidence of the part played by Labour-oriented Brexiteers in winning the 2016 UK referendum victory for “Leave” was the elevation of three former Labour Party MPs to the House of Lords in last month’s British Honours list.

The best known of these is the redoubtable German-born Mrs Gisela Stuart, former MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, who was Tony Blair’s nominee to the EU Convention that drew up the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe in 2003.


“Ireland and the EU Post Brexit”…Important new book by former Irish diplomat Dr Ray Bassett

This 300-page work by Ireland’s former Ambassador to Canada takes a critical look at Ireland’s negotiating tactics on Brexit. It discusses
Ireland’s relations with the Europe since we joined the then EEC in
1973 and considers the policy choices that lie before us in the next few years as a real Brexit is now happening and the North is leaving the EU along with the rest of the UK.

Read an extract here.

I think that it is in the interest of every patriotic, nationally-minded and progressive person to do what they can to draw attention to this important work and to urge people to buy it, preferably direct from the Distributors, as that is the easiest and speediest way of getting it, paying by credit card online at £12.50 a copy, plus postage. It should retail in the local bookshops here at €15 in due
course, but please do what you can to generate interest in and encourage sales of this book.

Dr Bassett’s revealing book is now available from YPS Publishing at www.yps-publishing.co.uk Its ISBN number is 978-1-8380397-0-7 if one is ordering it through bookshops.

Video: Dr Ray Bassett on the Irish Backstop, 2019


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