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[28/02/2006] EU interferes in Serbia-Montenegro


The EU has welcomed the election of a new pro-independence leaderin Kosovo,
while urging Montenegran and Serb politicians to agree on an upcoming
referendum that could break up the Serbia-Montenegro alliance.

What business is it of the EU to be backing independence for the former
Serbian territory of Kosovo or to be trying to break apart what in
international law is still the sovereign State of Serbia-Montenegro, the
last remnant of former Yugoslavia?  The real reason they are doing this is
to make it easier for German, French and Italian investors to buy assets in
these countries, and above all to buy land in some of the most beautiful
areas of Europe. What business is it of Irish Foreign Minister Brian Cowen
to be backing such schemes and identifying us all with them? It is a
further example of Ireland getting ever more sucked into EU

Remember former German Foreign Minister Herbert Genscher's comment on the
break-up of former Yugoslavia?:  "A great victory for German foreign
policy". And the same gentleman's comment on the disappearance of
Czechslovakia and Yugoslavia, states first established in 1919?: "We have
liquidated the heritage of World War I."

The several small succcessor states left behind are much more easily
gobbled up by German and other EU capital,and Serbia-Montenegro are just
the last juicy  morsels left.
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